Patrizia Pepe – New Website goes Live!

Patrizia Pepe goes live with a brand new website fully redesigned for the best experience ever!

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Belvest Released

Ecommerce & Corporate Site with SAP Powered Backend.

Widely regarded for its pioneering Jacket in a Box, a lightweight, fully unconstructed travel jacket introduced in 1996, Belvest is best known for its hybrid style of suit making that combines aspects of English and Neapolitan tailoring but with a lot less rigidity, structure, and formality. The company, based in Padova, Italy, is also one of Italy’s most progressive and innovative, creating myriad variations on the classic men’s sport coat on a seasonal basis.

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Jackrabbit + rtf template: A tailor made application with embedded Template and Document Management

We are working on a webbased solution to generate documentby merging some dynamic data from an RDBMS into templates. We opted for rft template ( and JackRabbit ( to build the solution. Being 100% embeddable we aim to give a really tailor made solution to our customer while simultaneously reusing the power and functionality of these really well designed libraries.

Migrating from Websphere 6 to Tomcat 6

Last year we took up a project to migrate a J2EE infrastructure from Websphere 6 to Tomcat 6.
The applications are written using Struts and POJOs that access Stored Procedures on AS/400 via JDBC.
It took us just 4 days to complete the migration of 8 fairly complex applications.
4 Tomcat instances running on 2 Linux servers are load balanced via Apache 2.2 + mod_jk.

We have developed a custom application for the sysadmins to centrally manage all tomcat instances.
The application makes use of the tomcat manager application and JMX to control and monitor the tomcat instances

To complete the puzzle we are now testing our Terracotta to apply session replication to gain even higher avaliability!

Migrating from Oracle OC4J to Glassfish v2.1

We are involved in a project to migrate a J2EE infrastructure from OC4J to Glassfish v2.1. The applications running on OC4J are based on EJB and JSF (sun impl + tomahawk) and have successfully be migrated with little changes. We new stack are using is Apache 2.2, mod_jk and Glassfish v2.1.

So far, so good!